Editorial shots

Some images project a message through their overall impact, others communicate more subtly and encourage the viewer to look carefully at the detail. Editorial style images are great for positioning a product by giving it context or show it in the environment in which it can be used.

Such images are perfect for illustrating a web site or for use on social media such as Facebook. They can also be great for brochures, flyers, posters, advertising materials etc. If you are looking for catalogue style shots for a web based shop take at look at Catalogue shots

Below are examples of our editorial / advertising shots. Why not call us today to discuss how we could craft similar images to help you promote your business – Contact us.

Fresh figs shot for a specialist food photo library
Part of our collection for Henley Chocolates
Untitled Session0992
Delicate work captured for A World of Time
DSC05975 1
Shot for Granary Oils to advertise their hand cream products
Beard oil shot for Granary Oils

The following shows the product in a contextual setting using modern lighting and styling created for Springfield Kitchen

Breakfast time

Here we have a shot for Henley Chocolates

Campers3052 1